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Correct your posture using tested and proven effective programs. 

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Annual membership to all current and future programs in the Posture paradise studio. To mention:

  1. Strength edition
  2. Back edition
  3. Breath work edition
  4. Physical flexibility
  5. Rounded shoulders edition
  6. New editions are often added [neck hump edition is coming soon]


  • Early access to new posture paradise programs
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Feedback from some of the angels who have done the Posture Paradise programs

Pulling the rope feels soooooo yummy! already feel so open-hearted on day 4! thank you gorgeous!

Carly Waters

I'm so grateful for you! I've been using these exercises to improve my posture for my wedding. I've had less soreness in my neck, lowerback and hips which has been a pleasant surprise. I feel empowered. Thank you <3

Sarah Cupps

your rounded shoulders program has made such a big difference in my posture! I've been trying for years to correct it and i'm only oj day 18 of your course and I already see a bigger difference than I ever have!


Cissy what a great class! I made it to the end! My shoulder and back strength and posture have 100% improved, it was not an empty promise. And you made the classes such fun, made sure I looked forward to the next day. I'm taking a small break now, but I want to do the same program again after a month. Lot's of love until then.


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